Lead, Mercury, and Half Marathons.

When I sat down to write this post, I fully expected to share all of the details of my next half marathon and my training plan and my crossfit experience so far.

Then, I had the brilliant idea to see if I could find my heavy metal test results on the Genova Diagnostics website first. Well, it was super easy to locate and now I’m super unhappy.


Why, exactly, didn’t I just wait until my next appointment? I don’t understand the six pages of text that accompany these results, and now I’m even more anxious for my appointment on Wednesday…

In other news, I’m committed to running a second half marathon! I’m going to run the Buffalo Half Marathon on Sunday, May 28, 2017. I am loosely following the Hal Higdon Half Marathon Novice 2 program again, but plan to adjust some of the runs on a weekly basis and will incorporate some speed work. My first half marathon was only about finishing. This time, I want to focus on dramatically improving my time (hoping for a >20 minute PR). I’ll advance to the Intermediate 1 program next time 🙂

Week One:

Monday – Rest (I love starting out with a rest day)

Tuesday – 6:30am crossfit + 3 mile run

Wednesday – 6am vinyasa yoga + 3 mile run

Thursday – 3 mile run + 60 minute strength for endurance

Friday – Rest

Saturday – 8K Shamrock Run

Sunday – 60 minutes cross training

Looking forward to sharing my progress throughout this training cycle, and to sharing all the details of my next functional medicine appointment. Talk to you soon!

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Pegan Pick: Kite Hill Almond Yogurt

At the beginning of my functional medicine journey, it was recommended that I complete a food sensitivity test. The phlebotomist removed what felt like 900 vials of blood, and three weeks later I was able to see my individual reactions to over 80 different foods. Much to my dismay, I was reacting to almonds at the time and had to give up all almond-based products (almond milk, almond cream cheese, almond butter, straight up almonds). I followed a strict vegan diet before transitioning to the functional medicine diet and developed a love for these almond-based products; it was so tough to remove them all!

Almost a year later, I am thankfully able to eat almonds and almond-based products again. It’s a good thing – my FAVORITE almond product manufacturer FINALLY created a plain, unsweetened, artisan almond milk yogurt.

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Happy New Year!

Silly me…I really thought I would have wifi on vacation and would post a ton of updates of our adventures, but I was so wrong!

Zack and I are on a cruise and leaving the US as we speak…I’ll fill you in as soon as we get back!

Here’s a few photos of our escapades so far…

…Happy New Year! I hope you have an awesome week!